New Book Format

m88grm-front-shortedge-3843/12/23 – I’ve been dragging my feet on informing everyone of Max’s new book format which I created on 12/31/2022. Same book with 159 pages and 400 photos but it’s now a light grey softcover (paperback) with standard color on 60# paper which costs only $22.92. This is a huge savings from the premium edition of $49.95. Don’t fret, the premium is still available. The reason for the drag is that it took three attempts to get the book & author name centered on the small spine. Believe me, it was challenging. I didn’t want anyone to purchase it after being published until I had it perfected. So, I’m told that there’s always a chance that the spine information may be off slightly…the nature of professional printing. So, if you get a copy and it’s not completely centered, not my fault and it’s acceptable by the printer. What can you say? I looked at books in our library and yep, some are not centered. It happens even to the best!

Here’s the link to the my page with both books – I am MAX book versions. When you get there, just click on the version of your choice and it will bring you to another page where you can add it to your cart. If you follow Lulu Press on Facebook, they often offer discounts on print products. You don’t have to be the author to order books or products and receive discounts. You can also sign up for their “Publishing & Marketing tips” which you may not need but they email you discount codes. 


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