2021 News

Let’s see….

Velvet Hedgehog became sick late October. She had an infection in her mouth and a couple teeth were effected. We took care of the infection and it wasn’t clear if she might have cancer. The lump reappeared or maybe never left and we started treatment again and then switched to another antibiotic. However, it looked like the lump increased in size the other week and I switched back to the original antibiotic. She’s drooling and has lost weight. It looks like an abscess but then again, not. She’s eating, active and still spunky. She is also on pain and inflammation meds. So, for now, it’s a wait and see situation.

Max Lynx now has his own website. It’s all about him. I will be removing all the posts on him from my archives website transferring them over to his new site. Most of the posts here are about him too. I’ll keep the posts on all the other animals but I’m trying to consolidate and eliminate one site. If I had known how to decrease the file size of a photo years ago, I wouldn’t have needed the second site. On Max’s site, all photos are watermarked and reduced in size so I have plenty of room for years to come. I’m also taking ideas on a photo book title. It’s going to be a difficult decision as there are so many awesome suggestions. Once I get his website up to speed, I can begin working on the book. I hope to have it launched for ordering by May 4th, his 10th birthday.