Spike Hedgehog

Spike 9/1/09(est) – 10/18/13

Spike was an albino African Pygmy Hedgehog. I acquired him from a gal who was selling me her short-tailed opossum and asked if I would take Spike. Her name for him was Sonic. I couldn’t say “no” as she needed the money and wanted him going to a good home. She had him for six months and he was about a year and a half when she got him. So by time I purchased Spike on October 2, 2011, he was two years old. A hedgehog’s life span is about 3-4 years despite what all the books will tell you.

Spike was put in with Eddie and Pinto in November 2011. Eddie died in May 2012 and then Henry came along on September 18, 2012.

By January 2013, I wasn’t sure Spike was getting his share of the food as he lost weight. So, I removed the little hedge and placed him in own tank for a month and doubled up on his food. He gained the weight back.

Since Pinto died February 2013, I placed Spike back with cage mate Henry. He continued to gain weight and all was well. By September I noticed a big difference in his weight and in his stools. I increased the food and added special treats but knew that age had caught up with Spike and it was only a matter of time.

When I found him passed on Friday, October 18 around noon, I noticed that he had gotten up in the night to eat and wheel. Then he nuzzled up alongside Henry and went off to Hedge Heaven. Poor Henry was a bit distressed because Spike was blocking the igloo exit and he was trapped in the little hut. I thoroughly cleaned the cage and housing and after a few days Henry settled down.

Many children got to see this amazing animal and learn about the hedgehog. We will miss you little Spike.