15% Discount

Our book printer, Lulu.com is having a 15% discount off their printed products. This is a perfect time to order our Max book titled I am MAX. When you reach their Bookstore search for either my name Bernadette Hoffman or the book title which will bring you to a list. You can’t miss us! Don’t forget to use the code EARTH15 at checkout. This ends April 22nd.

Yes, you can watch our videos on YouTube and see stories & photos on Max’s website at Max Canada Lynx but should anything happen to me, the websites disappear. This is a beautiful book with over 400 photos and tons of information about Max’s life.

I am max cover

New Ambassador

Hello everyone! I have a new animal ambassador. I’ve been trying to figure out a name for him and so far, Thumper “Thump” and Rascal fits, but Lil Bun is close. He’s a Holland Lop with a quirky left ear. Yes, a domestic bunny but we can discuss his wild cousins like the Snowshoe Hare with a pelt for touching or the Cottontail. Anyways, he’s likes to be held and who doesn’t like to snuggle a bunny? I know that it’s a 10 year commitment and I’m not getting any younger. I guess this will be my last baby ambassador. I am booking programs for summer now.

Rascal Thumper