Merry Christmas

12-23-22: This weekend I plan on unplugging from social media…no Facebook, YouTube, emails, texting (except to my sisters) or anything! I need time alone. I would like to work on Max’s “mini me” edition of his I am Max book as I cancelled my Adobe subscription and won’t be able to edit the pdf after January 6. So, It HAS to get done. That doesn’t mean it will be published right away but the writing has to be completed. My life has been so hectic with work, animals and projects. Yes, this is one more project but it’s a priority. So, today, I created Max’s holiday video and it’s now live on YouTube – Max’s Holiday Greetings. Also, we are getting a flash freeze and I would be a bit miserable in the cold filming this weekend than doing it today. It was low 50’s and extremely windy but better than single digits or even teens as predicted forthcoming. So….Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, etc… 


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