New Site Design

About a month ago, I looked at my website on my phone and saw that the background was white with yellow text. Well, I designed it to be black with gold text and yes, it was like that on a desktop computer or laptop. It was hard to read on the phone. So, I decided to change the design. However, that meant going through every post and page changing the font color because it doesn’t change automatically. I had asked WP and was told changing the website appearance would change all the fonts but it didn’t. I have completed most of it and if you happen across a page with yellow or gold text, I apologize. I hope to have it fully completed in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “New Site Design

  1. JohnMc

    I would just hold down the left mouse button and scroll to the end that way it highlighted the letters to read. I thought it was my computer that made it that way.


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