Snow Disaster

Max Canada Lynx

So, Kayla left us on November 21, Thanksgiving was the 25th with Max getting his Cornish Hen and in comes rain, sleet and then heavy snow. I worked the 26th and made it home safely through the slush, but I should have checked on Max’s enclosure. That Saturday I looked out and it appeared that the wire roofing to his enclosure looked open in one spot but it was hard to tell. When I finally got out there his roofing had collapsed completely in one area and there were several holes in other areas. He was pacing and anxious. I secured him in the area where Kayla had been staying thanking myself for putting in shift gates back in the day when I built his enclosure. I proceeded to clear the snow from the wire roofing first where Max was being held. He thought that was fun. Then I tackled…

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