Life’s Update

It is a never ending of busy-ness in our lives. The pandemic has me working from home which is challenging with a vocal bird and a mother that needs my help. I’m not complaining too much because I am getting paid. However, although I’m an introvert, I do miss my co-workers and museum visitors. In addition, I don’t have the proper computer setup. Either I’m at the kitchen table which is too high and my shoulder hurts or at my antique desk with no leg room and my elbow and wrist hurts. I know, a small price to pay to work at home. I do venture out once a week to the grocery and convenience stores for the necessities. I’m always mindful about being asthmatic and mom being 82 years old with COPD.

On April 15th, I took in a rescued stray from another area as a foster. Sammy is a Russian blue with such personality! Well, the foster turned into an adoption. So, now we have 6 domestic cats.

In Mid-May, I helped a cat foster parent put a new cover over their kennel. Max had leftover wire from his large enclosure and wood too. The girls are fostering a mama cat and her babies. What better way to give back than to give them a new wire roof?

So, what’s going on with Max? He turned 9 years old on May 4th (no photos, only a video) and he now has a loft under his pole barn. Yes, you must visit our YouTube Channel  Wildlife Bernie to watch the videos! Here are a few photos.


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