Behind in Posting

I am so sorry that I’m 8 months behind in posting photos of Max and the others but working full time, taking care of a home with mom and all my animals along with giving educational programs uses up a lot of my time. We also lost two of our cats to old age illnesses in the last four months.

You can check out my YouTube channel – Wildlife Bernie – for the latest videos which is time consuming too.

So coming soon will be summer photos!

Burt gets a new cover.

2 thoughts on “Behind in Posting

  1. Mr West

    Greetings, this is for Max Canada Lynx and the purrrr video on your YouTube channel, the
    11/16/18 post, wish to say thank you for loving Max every day and for giving him his care. When I watch the videos (I’m subscribed) i always say to myself he is a big cat. Max makes my life richer. Thanks


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