Blue Monday

Mondays are hard enough but harder when you are faced with putting your two hedgehogs to rest. 
Sweet Henry (3.5 yrs old) was living out the last of his days in a luxury cage when he developed an orbital tumor in front of his eye. Then other health issues began too. He went to the vets last week along with Harry (1.5 yrs old) who had an eye issue also. It should be noted that they were in separate domiciles. Although Harry would not uncurl, the vet determined that they both had conjunctivitis and I received ointment for each for twice daily medicating the eye. Henry was easy sine Henry was sweet. Harry, on the other hand remained curled up. We tried everything to get him to uncurl. It only made him frustrated taking it out on himself by biting himself and ripping his third eyelid when we did get the ointment close. After a week when there was no progress, I made that very tough decision. 
This morning it was determined that Henry didn’t have conjunctivitis but it was indeed a tumor. I figured that he got it because Harry chewed off his ear tip last year. It was the same eye and who’s to say that infection didn’t lead to a tumor. The vet thought it was unlikely. Harry evidently scratched his eye on the shavings when the parrot ventured into his cage sending him in a protective spiny fury. Or it could have been my footsteps. Harry was received last year at this time and he was unsociable then. He did not improve with age. Being not able to medicate him meant a slow death and I could not allow that to happen even to this primitive unsocial animal.
So, that’s how my day began and ended with a migraine after work. When I arrived at home, I was trying to discuss a wildlife program on the phone and Burt Parrot was screaming as always. I let her out and she wandered around my bed talking until I finished my conversation. I went over to her as I have done for the past four years and kissed the top of her head. Only this time she grabbed my nose and chomped down. What the heck? I just couldn’t understand it. She is always affectionate on the bed. I rushed to the kitchen and place an ice pack on my face after putting the portable phone down on the table. Portable phone. That was the trigger. She does not like the camera in my hand or anything. Perhaps she thought she was going to get her nails trimmed again with the dremel as she did last week. I don’t know what she was thinking but I do know my nose hurts and another hard lesson was learned. Have nothing in your hand when you are interacting with your parrot!
Is it Tuesday yet?


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