It’s a Girl!

Barnyard, also known as Burt is now known as Burta! Yes, she has shown her sex. We found an egg in her cage on November 29. She had been screaming and carrying on for days. I didn’t know what was going on with her. The egg was cracked so I removed it. Two days later she laid another egg which was absolutely beautiful. Once again, I removed it. Did some reading only to find that I should have left the eggs with her but hard-boil them a bit. Then she would sit on them until she figured nothing would happen. I placed Burta on a 12 hour schedule of day and night to de-stress. So things were going pretty well. Her behavior was better and she was getting the correct amount of sleep. Then, this morning she laid an egg in her nesting box. The box is not in her cage but in the living room where she can play in and out of it. The last couple days she had been inside shredding blocks of wood and would come out for company, food or to play with her toys. I never thought she would go about laying more eggs. I did, however, pick up two wooden eggs which are close to the size of a parrot’s and placed them in the box this morning after removing the real egg. She’s been sitting on them for most of the day. I’m hoping this will deter her from laying a second egg in a few days. Fingers crossed.


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