Snow Disaster

Max Canada Lynx

So, Kayla left us on November 21, Thanksgiving was the 25th with Max getting his Cornish Hen and in comes rain, sleet and then heavy snow. I worked the 26th and made it home safely through the slush, but I should have checked on Max’s enclosure. That Saturday I looked out and it appeared that the wire roofing to his enclosure looked open in one spot but it was hard to tell. When I finally got out there his roofing had collapsed completely in one area and there were several holes in other areas. He was pacing and anxious. I secured him in the area where Kayla had been staying thanking myself for putting in shift gates back in the day when I built his enclosure. I proceeded to clear the snow from the wire roofing first where Max was being held. He thought that was fun. Then I tackled…

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End of 2021

Max Canada Lynx

1/5/2022 – Hi all! Well, I apologize for my late post on the end of the year update. If you are a YouTube follower, then you’re up to date and if not…I will try to give you the gist.

Let’s start off with Kayla, the Eurasian Lynx, also known as a Siberian Lynx who was in my care from 10/19-11/21. She ate 70 pounds of meat and seemed like she could not fill up! Max warmed up to her over time but was still growling on occasion. She would bend her head or show him her rear-end. If you know anything about Max, you know that he presents his backside to me all the time! It’s a sign of trust and as you also know, male cats will sniff each other’s butts as if to say…hey, is that you? I really wish they could speak. Imagine the fun in…

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Visiting Lynx

Max Canada Lynx

10/23/21 – A few days ago I received a call asking if I could take in an Eurasian Lynx on a temporary basis. A wildlife refuge lost their license and have to relocate all of their animals. Well, I have the space with shift gates to separate the lynx from Max and the refuge was working within a deadline and so I agreed. Kayla is two years old and will be going to a zoo but that zoo is waiting for their license application to be approved before they can accept her. The state agreed that the refuge could transfer her to me. I’ll be contacting them this week to find out what necessary paperwork I’ll need to complete in order to stay in compliance with my licenses. So, Kayla was raised by humans and she wants attention but isn’t sure about how to really ask for it. They did…

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The Book

I am max coverThe book is done! Yes, I finished Max’s book two days ago and have ordered my proof copy which will probably arrive in a few weeks. You know how it goes with printing and shipping. Once I give it a look over, then I will hit the “publish” button and it will be available to everyone via print on demand! Please pray I don’t need to do any edits. It is a bear.

It has taken me 8 months to compile stories about Max’s life over the last 10 years. Then I had thousands of photos to go through to match to the stories. I have had to purchase two new software programs in order to get it done correctly and still I was told by the printer that my photos were not 300ppi. But dpi’s and ppi’s are so confusing. I made sure that every photo was 300dpi and finding the correct answer on line is difficult. I also had to add additional gutter space because of nine pages over their guidelines. So, did I add too much space or just enough? I have my fingers crossed that it will be okay. If not, well I will just cry…a lot…but will get back to it and figure out the whys and how’s and just fix the darn thing and re-upload.  Be patient.

Wildlife Festival

12-25-15 3356 cover copy (1)If you live in New York state or any of the neighboring states, Max and I will be at this Wildlife Festival on Saturday, September 18 from 10-4. Burt Parrot and Smudge Hedgehog will be with us. There will be lots of North American animal artifacts for touching and learning. Come one, come all. Here’s the link to their Facebook event – Blenheim-Gilboa Wildlife Festival

New Freezer

8/16/21 – Well, I guess it was going to happen sooner or later. Max’s upright freezer for his package meals is on the fritz. It is old…manufactured in 2008 and I got it in 2011 for him. I looked online everywhere for a replacement 5.1 cu. ft. upright freezer and nothing. So, I just ordered a 5 cu ft chest freezer from Amazon and it will be here in a week. I wasn’t expecting this but luckily I haven’t gone to get 200 pounds of meat yet and therefore I can switch the meat I processed last week to the chest freezer which is currently pretty empty except for his chicken. Fingers crossed that the new one will last as long as this one!

New House

Max Canada Lynx

5/31/2020 – Max got a new used pet barn. I went to tag sales on Saturday with a friend and we ran across this doghouse. It’s larger than the one I have for him in his indoor enclosure. I thought he might like another hideout near the corner cubby. It’s $79 in the stores and I got it for $5! I spent 30 minutes washing it down and then gave it to him this afternoon. Of course, he sniffed, pawed, and scratched it. Then he decided to flop down in it. Later I think I saw him mark it his!

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