Max helps Community Cats

Back in early February my neighbor told me that there was a group in my community that were going to tackle the stray & feral population problem. I was like, wow, I could donate money to help them because 1) I didn’t know there was a problem and 2) It was a good idea. Somehow, the meeting popped up on my FaceBook notifications and I committed to attend. I went not knowing what to expect or if I could or wanted to help beyond giving a donation. I had another commitment and only stayed an hour, but donated $120. There were 11 of us who attended the first meeting Feb. 14th. That night I read through the information which was handed out and decided that I could only help with the record-keeping which was a task on their “needed” list. I work full-time and have all my exotics to care for along with mom and the house. They were happy for me to help. So, I got organized and gathered all their medical records for the cats they already had fixed & placed in a handy binder. Can you believe that they (a few people) Trapped, Neutered and Returned 25 feral cats in only 4 months? They also rescued 11 kittens, fostered & socialized them for adoption and helped residents with fixing their kittens. This is an awesome rescue group and I’m honored to be a member. So, I typed their meeting minutes and group contacts too. Yet, I didn’t want to stop there. 

The group borrowed a drop trap from another TNR group, but feared that it would need to be returned before they were finished with using it. So, I purchased one for them! We are ready for the cats!

I went to work on creating a website because Facebook is okay, but not everyone is on it. At first I thought of going free with WordPress but there are ads and the name WordPress in the URL. I know, I was like that for 10 years here on my website/blog, but we needed a donation page and you can’t do that with free. So, I purchased the website and secured the domain. Our website launched March 19th – You have to read about them. The group started with only a couple people who did all the work and then they decided to ask for help from the community. We are up to 15 people now!

My next goal was securing a local hall to present a benefit wildlife program using Max and my exotics. We are scheduled for Saturday, July 25th at 10:00am at the Proudfit Hall in Salem, NY.

Finally, I posted a introductory video on my YouTube channel Wildlife Bernie March 22nd – in hopes of gathering donations. What I didn’t expect, nor anyone else, would be the Coronavirus Pandemic which has put a hold on our spaying/neutering and receipt of donations. Vets don’t have the protective wear to perform surgeries and people are scared about tomorrow. God has provided me with a roof over my head and good health. Not the best health but it could be far worse. Max is well too and so are my animals. Mom is hanging in there and so if I can send a couple dollars to help my community animal organization, I will. What I found out after posting the video is that many of Max’s followers have rescued cats or support their local shelters. I can’t ask for more than that as helping one’s community is a number one goal. I’m touched at how many people care about cats.

I guess the sad news is that they had been trying to trap a beautiful long-haired Siamese cat but he was so smart to avoid the traps. Then he appeared with an injured back right leg. We saw him limping for a few days and that was two weeks ago. No one has seen him since. We are heartbroken that we weren’t able to get to him. We fear that perhaps he went off and died due to his injury. Here’s a photo of Big Daddy Simon. It’s not the best photo because he wouldn’t let us get too close. I hope that he went peacefully.

Big Daddy Simon

2 thoughts on “Max helps Community Cats

  1. Oh my goodness, I just saw this, I love you so much! I wish i could help some how…

    On Tue, Mar 31, 2020, 8:58 PM Wildlife Education by Bernie wrote:

    > Wildlife Education by Bernie posted: “Back in early February my neighbor > told me that there was a group in my community that were going to tackle > the stray & feral population problem. I was like, wow, I could donate money > to help them because 1) I didn’t know there was a problem and 2) It” >

    • You have already by rescuing those two little kittens! Since my video with Max, I have learned that many people help strays and ferals where they live. That warms my heart and makes me happy. I can’t ask for more than that!


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