Merry Christmas 2016

Each year I try to get a photo of Max & I. Last year, my mother took the photo but she’s not feeling all that well and therefore I had to rely on the self-timer. It was challenging to set the timer (10 secs), scoop up a 40 pound cat and both of us smiling when the camera snapped. We did our best and here they are.

Max got a leather bunny for Christmas that I found at a hardware store. It’s for dogs and not filled with anything but Max fell in love with the smell. He loves to rub his face on my boots or leather gloves and I thought this would be perfect along with durable. I was right.

We also took a walk using an old harness of his. He has escaped from this harness before which is why I purchased a specially made one but it chokes him when he pulls on the lead. I’m not a fan of it and thought we’d try the old one but I included a collar just in case but the two leashes made it confusing for both of us since they weren’t the same length. Anyways, it didn’t matter and Max got to dig in the snow. Something he loves to do. I have posted a video on our YouTube channel. It’s 8 minutes long and I apologize for that but I cut out as much as possible without losing sight of him.



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