Max & Mr. Monkey

2/15/14 the day after 15 inches of snow fall. Since February 1st we have gotten no less than 2 feet of the white stuff. When you have an animal such as Max and you live in a place that has weather like this, you need to make sure you can reach his outdoor enclosure not only for cleaning, but in case of an emergency. There is access to his inside enclosure but what if? I should have shoveled when we got the first 8 inches on the 5th, but certain circumstances prevented it. So, today I snowblowed a path to our fuel tank for the delivery guy and a path to the back of our property where we dump old kitty litter and cage bedding from the numerous animals. Trudging through over knee deep of snow, I cleared the two feet of snow off the top of Max’s cage by standing on a ladder, shoveled the double-entry and inside one of his outside enclosures. In the process I found Mr. Monkey who was buried alive by the avalanche of snow we received. I know Max loves to lay in snow, but I cleaned off his shelving just the same. Four hours of work and then I spent an hour of interaction with him. It looks to me that he has begun shedding his grey fur but it could be that it was wet because of the snow. By the end of the hour Max was slapping my hand away which held the camera. He had missed five hours of sleep and I could see he was getting tired and needed to nap.



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