Fresh February

Here in New York state we received about 8 inches of snow on Feb. 5th. Although part of Max’s outdoor enclosure has a wire top in which snow falls through, there is nothing more pleasing to him than to walk in the deep snow. He loves to dig and push his face right into it. I have some videos but it’s taking me time to review and edit since I lack decent software, but here are some photos. The last photo is the exact moment there was a car accident two houses down from us on the state highway where we live. (By the way, no injuries.) If you look at the previous photo where Max is at ease, almost dozing and then the last, you can see his body posture changed considerably. Once he heard that noise, it startled him and we were off racing back to his inside enclosure for his peace-of-mind. The walk and photo shoot over with in a second which is fine with me since I usually have to kneel in the snow to get good shots of him and he’s like any other cat… lacks focus.


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