Snow Angel

I grew up in Florida, so when we visited relatives in Vermont & across the border into New York during Christmas, the snow fascinated me as a kid. I loved making snow angels and digging tunnels. I was always sad to leave when our vacation was over. Now, as an adult I have lived in the snow country for 17 years and I wouldn’t think of lying in the snow making an angel. Yet, for Max Lynx it is his favorite past time. We got about 8″ of snow following the New Year but I had to wait for the temperature to rise a bit before I could take him for a walk. Mind you, he doesn’t need mittens. Because of the deepness of the snow, I thought I would wear my snowshoes but Max clearly had a different opinion. He looked at me like I had too heads and although he sniffed the shoes, he was afraid of them. So, I had to go with boots instead. First crunching I had to show him that the sound was being made by my shoes. He had no trouble walking in the snow but I had little traction as he dragged me through it. As you can see by the photos, he would just plopped down and roll making his own kind of snow angel. One instance he was standing in front of me watching the surroundings when he unexpectedly leaped 6 feet turning around in mid-air and landing facing me. I’m pretty lucky that 1) he didn’t drag me as he leaped or 2) that he didn’t dislocate my shoulder with the leap because the leash is only 5 feet long. You do the math. We spent a good 30 minutes covering my back property when I could see that he became interested in the birds at the feeder. Curious as a cat he climbed the pole to the railing for a closer look at the suet holder we put out for our woodpeckers. Once he got up there, he wasn’t sure what to do. I actually had to lift him down. He’s only 30 pounds but all legs! Back out in the snow we went for a few more minutes when he decided that he had enough and wandered back to his enclosure. The last photo is him cleaning himself. Really? Yes, I guess rolling in the snow makes you dirty according to Max. 1/5/14


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